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Solid copper face toucher


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Solid copper face toucher
Solid copper face toucher

Stop touching your face!

Solid copper face toucher; comes in regular or curved which is great for people who wear glasses.

Curved handle uses tension to clip to your jeans pocket, tie, shirt collar or purse pocket.  Don’t touch your face with your hands!

Use gently and with care. Don’t put in eyes, nose, mouth or ears.  Use common sense.  May be cleaned with 91% isopropyl alcohol, or dishsoap and water (to remove skin oil buildup) but must be thoroughly dried after. May wipe with alcohol wipes/sanitizer during day as needed. Do not use soaps that contain moisturizers on this product.  For external use only. For adult use only.  Not recommended for use while driving or in a moving vehicle, or other places where impacts can occur.

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