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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. ~Coco Chanel 

I believe our inner self is a fusion of beautiful and untamable elements- fiery and fierce, calm and flowing, freely soaring, steadfastly protective. I celebrate the prismatic personality within by creating artistic jewelry for you- the Elegant Dreamer.

Whether you choose one of my Essentials or a Singular creation, know that your jewelry is crafted with joyful reverence for your unique spirit from concept to completion.  Each piece comes elegantly packaged in a sturdy box that travels well and is perfect for gift giving.

Discover your spirit; dream in jewelry.

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Welcome to GossamerScapes!

My name is Maria Lothrop; I have spent the past several years designing and metalsmithing jewelry that has meaning and deserves to be cherished- just like you should be!

Through GossamerScapes I adorn the world, one beautiful and independent woman at a time.