Wear your Spirit and Dream in jewelry with GossamerScapes.

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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. ~Coco Chanel 

I believe we have an innate sense of beauty and wonder; we are drawn to that which we recognize within ourselves.  Through careful selection of materials and reverent craftsmanship, GossamerScapes translates those indescribable moments into wearable works of art.  Each piece comes elegantly packaged in a sturdy box that travels well and is perfect for gift giving.


Discover your spirit; dream in jewelry.



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Welcome to GossamerScapes!

My name is Maria Lothrop; I have spent the past several years designing and metalsmithing jewelry that has meaning and deserves to be cherished- just like you should be!

Through GossamerScapes I adorn the world, one beautiful and independent woman at a time.