Wear your Spirit and Dream in jewelry with GossamerScapes.

About GossamerScapes

Through creative, meditative designs inspired by nature, careful selection of materials and reverent craftsmanship, GossamerScapes jewelry explores who we are as individuals, our personal connections with others and the world we share.
My name is Maria Lothrop and I am the artist behind GossamerScapes jewelry.

I believe we are each born an innate sense of harmony and wonder, and we are drawn to that which we recognize within ourselves. 

As an artist, my mission is to create jewelry that evokes your inner essence and takes your breath away- that you HAVE to have because leaving it behind would be like walking away from a dear friend. And, because I make each and every piece by hand, you know there will never be another quite like it.
My patrons' appreciation for timeless and elegant style, respect for the intimacy of the handmade process and desire for a jewelry experience that is deeply personal are why I am still here over 9 years later- and for that, I am deeply thankful. 
If this is your first visit here, I invite you to see what GossamerScapes has to offer by clicking on the menu to the left.  I am also happy to answer questions via instagram or facebook.
Please come say hi!
I am fortunate to live in Western Maine where I am about an hour away from my choice of mountains or the great (and chilly!) Atlantic Ocean. My companions in this beautiful life are my best friend and husband, Alan, our wonderful son, Sam, and we are all owned by a cat, Kaiju, who I’m pretty sure is secretly a dog!