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Do you:

Revel in owning your personal journey?  

Desire to reveal the true beauty of your inner Dreamer by wearing striking jewelry no one else has?

Challenge the world with your fierce independence?

Love adornment that celebrates your connections with those closest to you?

Welcome home.

My name is Maria Lothrop, the creatrix of GossamerScapes. I am excited to introduce you to your truest self-in jewelry!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. ~Coco Chanel

I believe our inner self is a fusion of beautiful and untamable elements- fiery and fierce, calm and flowing, freely soaring, steadfastly protective. I celebrate the prismatic personality within by creating artistic jewelry for you- the Elegant Dreamer.


Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places. ~Camille Pissaro

Semi-precious and underappreciated materials fuse with traditional and contemporary jewelry making techniques to unveil your multifaceted self  in silver, copper, brass and gemstones. I draw inspiration from Mother Earth and the mystery of the universe, using it to explore and honor the personal connections we cherish with friends, family and kindred souls.  As an artist, my goal is to create jewelry that takes your breath away- that you HAVE to have because leaving it behind would be like walking away from a piece of yourself.


If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in Everything. ~Chee Vai Tang

From an early age, artistic expression allowed me to reach out and bond with others who resonated with my unique vision.  Knowing that I could rely on my hands, heart and mind to create something beautiful from materials that many wouldn’t look at twice made me feel powerful and vibrant.  I spent my childhood wandering the woods of South-Central Maine, barefoot and free, discovering treasured rocks, sticks, pinecones and anything else that caught my eye.  I’d return home, muddy and radiant, to my Mother’s constant exasperation.  She raised a total of 4 of us by herself, teaching me that a woman can do anything she sets her mind to! The secret, she revealed, to overcoming any challenge is a combination of strength, independence, intelligence and love- qualities the women in my life have in spades!

Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. ~Gabrielle Bernstein

In 2006, I graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education, then spent the next few years creating my new family and reflecting on what I wanted out of life.   I knew that somewhere, somehow, I needed to take charge, express myself and truly Live Life on my own terms.  GossamerScapes became a natural extension of my artistic dreams as I discovered, then devoured any and all information I could find on jewelry making. My creative soul flourished! My creations began to speak to their future owners on a deep, personal level; as a result I quickly saw pieces fly to all 50 states and around the world!   

To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles. ~Mary Davis

I still wander barefoot for three out of four seasons, jump waves in the 50 degrees Fahrenheit Atlantic ocean, scoop up nature's trinkets and stand humbled before the awe-inspiring wonderment our Earth offers to each of us. My companions in this beautiful life are my best friend and husband, Alan, our wonderful son, Sam, and a cat, Kaiju, who I’m pretty sure is secretly a dog!

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  ~Carl Jung

I believe we have an innate sense of beauty and wonder; we are drawn to that which we recognize within ourselves.  Through careful selection of materials and reverent craftsmanship, GossamerScapes translates those indescribable moments into wearable works of art.  Each piece comes elegantly packaged in a sturdy box that travels well and is perfect for gift giving.


Discover your spirit; Dream in jewelry.