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Amari Defiant


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Amari Defiant
Amari Defiant

The moon lingers in my thoughts. Glowing with soft silver light far above, watching over us as we slumber. Her surface changing with time while she remains steadfast, each crater standing in testimony to her defiance of everything the universe sends her way. As we bear witness to the passing of time with our own bodies, hearts and minds, may we also draw upon such strength and grace.

Amari Defiant is unapologetic in her splendor, accented by rock crystal drops and beautifully labradorite faceted rondelles that flash in shades of blue, green, orange and yellow. Her pattern of fine silver swirls and whorls are unique like a fingerprint, sculpted by hand with mindfulness and intention. She has been oxidized and polished to highlight her intricacy and timeless feel.

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