Wear your Spirit and Dream in jewelry with GossamerScapes.

Color and Sparkle

From natural and rough crystals and stones, to mandmade sparklies and artisan focals, to cabochons and faceted gems, if you love some color, pop and sparkle in your adornment you'll find it here!  The Earth is a beautiful and mysterious place full of hidden treasures just under our feet and I search all over to bring the best to my designs.  I am fortunate to have access to a wonderful network of rockhounds, lapidariasts and glass artists from around the world.

I typically work with colored faceted stones, freeform cabochons, lampwork glass focals and Swarovski crystals.  There are certain colors and characteristics I am drawn to, and usually they ignite the spark of design.  Rarely will I add a stone to a completed metal project.  Pieces can vary from the dainty and delicate to bold and daring with everything in between.