Wear your Spirit and Dream in jewelry with GossamerScapes.

Expressive Copper and Brass

When working with or wearing copper, we tap into a long and rich world history of tool and jewelry creation- decorative and functional copper artifacts have been discovered that date as far back as 9000 BC.  We are still discovering wonderful and unique properties of copper to this day!  Copper is considered a "living metal", meaning that it will respond to the conditions it is placed in.  Trees and talismans take on an ancient and mysterious color as patina settles in the depressions while the high points remain lighter- and can even be polished with a simple, soft cloth to enhance the contrast!

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, shares a lot of the properties of copper but exhibits a golden tone to copper's rose.  Both can be darkened to browns and blacks, as well as creating other patina colors.  They exude a beautiful warmth and can be either a subtle or dramatic addition to a piece of jewelry.  Pairing either with Sterling Silver creates a floating/balancing effect where Copper or brass acts as the sun to Sterling's silvery moon.
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