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The Muse Of Eventide


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The Muse Of Eventide

While the vibrant fire of sunset is striking, some balmy evening when the sky is filigreed with clouds, take a moment and turn around.  Watch the last fingers of sunlight caress the clouds with a gilt-edged goodbye; the blues and purples that remain almost hurt the eyes with their sublime and deepening beauty.  Discover the stars blinking one by one into existence, kin to our own sun but humbled in their fiery passion by cosmic distance.  To watch night fall in her subtle splendor is to waken the soul and wonder, what else do we miss when we pay homage only to the ostentatious?


Diameter: approximately the same as a US nickel

length, including loop: 1.25”

Gunmetal finish chain included at no charge, contact for silver chain pricing.

Pendant is made from dichroic glass, fine silver and sterling silver.

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