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Auryn aluminum graphic earrings


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silver aluminum earrings surgical steel ear wires
Auryn aluminum graphic earrings
  • 1 inch circle diameter- medium size approximately the same as a US quarter
  • graphic aluminum discs
  • surgical steel ear wires with soft plastic earring backs

Elegant and modern twist on the silver circle earring.  Aluminum is lightweight and tarnish resistant compared to sterling silver.  Bright silver-esque finish that flashes beautifully in the light. 

Inspired by the morning dew that collects on the tall meadow grasses, they're perfect for the woman who loves to wander and enjoy the warmth of the early summer sunrise. Wear them with a sundress day or night.

Each piece of GossamerScapes jewelry is mindfully crafted by hand using quality materials and a fusion of traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques. Add these beautiful earrings to your carefully curated accessory collection today! 

Discover your spirit, dream in jewelry.

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