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Fierce Protector Shield Earrings


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Fierce Protector Shield Earrings
Fierce Protector Shield Earrings

You stop dead in your tracks and crane your head to see what caused the brilliant silver flash that caught your eye.  Scales catch the light freely, suspended by lusciously round twin chains bound by a single loop.  

The earrings are dramatic, long and have a mystic and primal air about them.  Sighing, you almost step away, thinking that surely something so bold would pull heavily at your ears.  A voice invites you to pick one up and you marvel at their lightness.  They *must* be yours!

These mixed-metal earrings combine the lightness of aluminum (shields),the strength of stainless steel (chain) and the hypoallergenic quality of titanium (ear wires) into a pair of fiercely dramatic shield earrings.  They won’t weigh you down so don’t pass them up! 


Approx. length: 3.25” from top of ear wire. (Can be shortened upon request)

Shields are approx. 1.25” at widest point.

All earrings come with soft plastic ear nuts for comfort and security. (not shown)

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