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Zephyr necklace with Dichroic glass


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Zephyr necklace with Dichroic glass
Zephyr necklace with Dichroic glass
Vibrant greens, blues and yellows of a dichroic glass cabochon pop against a swirling copper frame in this Zephyr necklace.  

Zephyr comes from Greek mythology in which Zephyros is the God of the West wind, considered the gentlest of the winds and the messenger of spring.  This necklace is named thus because it is what I envision the wind would look like if we could actually see its patterns and trails.  

The pendant is accompanied by an antique copper-over-brass chain up to 24" in length (please let me know if you prefer a shorter chain during checkout).  Each necklace in this series is One of a Kind due to the unique placement of swirls- similar to a fingerprint- and the careful selection of stones.

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